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Cast and Creatives:

Dan Dawes

Hannah Hawkins

Alice Osmanski

Director: Dan Dawes

Production: Nina Flitman and Thomas Kett

Sound Design: Matt Part and Julian Starr

Poster Design: SAAN Designs

Photography: Thomas Kett

by Thomas Kett

Churchill Theatre, Bromley

3rd - 7th April 2018

Idle Discourse presents Thomas Kett's pugnacious farce, The Chainsaw Manicure, which transfers from a critically acclaimed sell-out run at the Tabard Theatre.


Two housemates, Abigail and Frances, personify the spirit of the 1990s.


Frances is the 'retired' party-goer; a lascivious socialite with a hefty appetite for sex and booze. Abigail is the 'new age hippy'; a smorgasbord of bold colours, camomile tea, yoga and enlightenment. But both are victims of an insatiable disease: desperation.


Frances' newly found sobriety belies a lingering hunger for excitement, whilst Abigail's futile journey for inner peace is an attempt to cover some deep rooted neuroses. Their self-reflecting musings are interrupted by their weird new flatmate, Gary - an unhinged young man who happens to have a penchant for ketchup sandwiches and playing the trumpet all night …


Gary also has a chainsaw.


A recipe for farce is created and an exploration of the darker side of Girl Power ensues. A fast-paced, jam-packed comedy, featuring brilliant 90s tunes.

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