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Cast and Creatives:

Gaia Cicolani

Jolyon Houghton

Clare McCall

JeanLuca Murphy

Sara Page

Director: Dan Dawes

Choreography: Sara Page

Production: Nina Flitman

Sound Design: Julian Starr

Programme Design: Claire Durrant

Photography: Julian Starr

by Dan Dawes

Theatre N16

26th - 27th June 2018

'Real girls aren't perfect; perfect girls aren't real.'

In the not too distant future, a world famous scientist is searching for a wife. He is Doctor Otto Alva, the inventor of ‘The Axolotl Procedure’, a clandestine operation that allows humans to regenerate lost body parts.


It’s not long before Doctor Alva regards his experiments as a way to not only find his perfect woman, but design his perfect woman.


Axolotl combines movement, dialogue and music to create a piece of ‘total’ theatre.

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