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Cast and Creatives:

Helen Gibbs

Lauren Farnhill

Bathsheba Piepe

Penny Verity

Fatima Bandali

Paul Jones

Georgie Rhys

Christine Allison

Stuart Olesker

John McLaverty

Writer / Director: Dan Dawes

Producer: Nina Flitman

Puppetry: Clare Jefferson-Jones

Video: Splodge Designs

Photography: Deborah Lee Rossiter

Poster: Emilie-Jane Osborne

MAST producer: Victoria Briggs

by Dan Dawes

MAST Mayflower Studios

4th October, 2021

Idle Discourse worked with several community groups and local professional actors in Portsmouth to stage Everlasting Cake, in collaboration with MAST Mayflower Studios, Portsmouth Guildhall Trust, and Groundlings Theatre. The play was presented as part of MAST's 'Festival of Loveliness'.

Everlasting Cake is the story of octogenarian Elsie, her younger self, and the discovery of a mysterious cake recipe...

Featuring live music, video, dancing, puppetry, and a raucous bunch of octogenarians, Everlasting Cake is a hilarious and thought-provoking farce set in a care home in the late 1990s. The piece is perfect for community groups and venues looking to find engaging work for older actors.

'A perfect combination of commercial and community theatre' 

Mrs Pickles and her friends

Mrs Pickles and her friends

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