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Cast and Creatives:

Rory Hobson

Hannah Hughes

JeanLuca Murphy

Hiral Varsani

Director: Dan Dawes

Lighting Design: James Rosen

Sound Design: Emma Clegg

Production: Nina Flitman

Programme Design: Claire Durrant

Photography: Robert Vass

by Dan Dawes

The Courtyard Theatre

19th - 23rd July 2016

'It is only in death that we are noticed.'


As the winds of desolation whistle through the empty streets, will four teenagers join the lost souls that inhabit their crumbling community? Is it a conspiracy, a coincidence, or simply a catastrophe that so many young people have gone from just one small town?


Based on real events and genuine tragedies, Steel Tumbleweed highlights some of the struggles young people face in the unforgiving society that is modern Britain. This dark, stirring play touches on the very personal heartbreaks that reflect a broken community; the surreal dichotomy between the incorporeal voices of online life and reality; and the eeriness of urban emptiness. 

‘A quiet city is a contradiction in terms. It is a thing uncanny, spectral.’ Max Beerbohm.

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