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Idle Discourse Limited

Company No: 11244485

Director: Daniel Martin

Secretary: Nina Flitman


Cast and Crew:

Eleanor Blackham

Lewis Brown

Claudia Carroll

Kevin Fraser

Georgie Gulliford

Rory Hobson

Sam Marshall

Ade O'Brien

Holly Robertson

Director: Dan Dawes

Assistant Director: Georgie Gulliford

Production: Kevin Fraser and Nina Flitman

Lighting Design: Lyndon Ford

Programme Design: Ian Hylands

Photography: Ian Hylands

by William Shakespeare

Titchfield Festival Theatre with Idle Discourse

Great Barn, Titchfield

30th August - 8th September 2016

A Journey of Lifetimes.

Pericles is an epic and exotic adventure across the waters of the Ancient Mediterranean. One of Shakespeare’s grandest tales, it’s an odyssey of life and death, morality and depravity, civility and barbarity and, most of all, the everlasting endurance of love.