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Cast and Creatives:

Christina Baston

Voices of:

Dan Dawes

Nina Flitman

Jasmin Hinds

Pete Watts

Director: Dan Dawes

Production: Nina Flitman

Sound Design: Matt Part

Operator: Tallulah Harris

Illustrations: Georgie McAusland

Cultural Adviser: Genie Kaminski

Graphics: Claire Durrant

Poster Design: SAAN Designs

Photography: Harry Kenyon

Programme Design: Claire Durrant

by Dan Dawes

Tabard Theatre

20th February - 10th March 2018

Based on true events, and untold stories, these are the Tales from Star City.

The Soviet Union. 1967. The Space Race is at its height. One woman, Polina Semyenova, is at the centre of it all. She is the listener.

Hidden away in the pithily named ‘Closed Military Townlet No. 1’, Polina looks back on her dreams of being part of the great Communist movement, during one of the most dramatic decades of the Cold War.

Join Polina as she reaches for the stars, and journeys through some of the brightest and darkest moments of the Space Race.

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