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Hackney Historic Buildings Trust
Ascending Ages poster 3

Cast and Creatives:

Joshua Asare

Rory Fairbairn

Rebecca Tubridy

Director: Dan Dawes

Writers: Dan Dawes, Philippa Dunn, Louis Hill, Victoria Howell, Dan Shaw.

Production: Nina Flitman and Emma Shaw

Sound Design: Julian Starr

Composition: Olly Fox

Photography: Tom Grace

by Dan Dawes et al

St. Augustine's Tower, Hackney

30th October - 7th November 2019

Staged in St. Augustine’s Tower, Ascending Ages invites you to take a trip through the human history of Hackney like you’ve never experienced before.

As you move up and up through the levels of the tower, treading in the footsteps of so many people who have gone before, you will travel through time. From the 14th century to modern day, you will be taken on a journey from the depth of the Middle Ages through the industrial revolution and the swinging sixties to the Hackney of 2019.

This is not a history of distant Kings and Queens, but the lives of normal people who have laughed, quarrelled, and debated the site over the ages, told in their own language.

Ascending Ages features writing from five separate playwrights —each exploring a different era through contemporary language — with original musical composed by Olly Fox (Shakespeare’s Globe, National Theatre, RSC).

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