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Axolotl 2019 2

Cast and Creatives:

Lilach Davies

Laura England

Ellen Finlay

Jolyon Houghton

JeanLuca Murphy

Director: Dan Dawes

Choreography: Sara Page

Production: Nina Flitman

Sound Design: Julian Starr

Lighting Design: Rory Hobson

by Dan Dawes

The Questors Theatre and Theater Cluster Festival, Lithuania.

10th - 20th October 2019

In the not too distant future, a world famous scientist is searching for a wife. He is Doctor Otto Alva, the inventor of ‘The Axolotl Procedure’, a clandestine operation that allows humans to regenerate lost body parts. It’s not long before Doctor Alva regards his experiments as a way to not only find his perfect woman, but design his perfect woman.


In this startling new production, written by Dan Dawes and choreographed by Sara Page, Idle Discourse utilises movement, dialogue, and music to create a piece of total theatre, and to explore what it means to be beautiful, and what it means to be human.


Audiences have called it:


“A brilliant blend of social commentary and physical theatre”… “Awesome piece and a powerful comment on the social climate.”


Axolotl was selected to represent the United Kingdom at the Theater Cluster festival in Lithuania.

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